Electrical Safety

Safety - a fundamental responsibility.

Most, if not all, Class 3R, 3B and Class 4 Lasers and Laser Systems (see the next section for information relating to classification of laser systems) utilize high-level AC and DC voltages in both the laser head and power supply. All Coherent laser systems are designed for operation with the laser head and power supply covers closed. Only trained personnel aware of the hazards involved should remove the protective covers. Refer to local governing regulations for electrical safety and training requirements.

At a minimum, the following precautions must be observed by everyone when working with potentially hazardous electrical circuitry:

  1. Disconnect main power lines before working on any electrical equipment when it is not necessary for the equipment to be operating.
  2. Do not short or ground the power supply output. Protection against possible hazards requires proper connection of the ground terminal on the power cable, and an adequate external ground. Check these connections at the time of installation, and periodically thereafter.
  3. Never work on electrical equipment unless there is another person nearby who is familiar with the operation and hazards of the equipment, and who is competent to administer first aid.
  4. When possible, keep one hand away from the equipment to reduce the danger of current flowing through the body if a live circuit is touched accidentally.
  5. Always use approved, insulated tools.
  6. Special measurement techniques are required for this system. A technician who has a complete understanding of the system operation and associated electronics must select ground references.