Coherent EnergyMax  RS-232 Laser Energy Sensors
Coherent EnergyMax  RS-232 Laser Energy Sensors

EnergyMax-RS Sensors

Miniaturized meter electronics with an RS-232 interface integrated within the sensor cable.

Key Features:

  • RS-232 connectivity is ideal for OEM embedded applications
  • Fast 14-bit A/D converter and FPGA processor for high speed, accurate operation
  • RS-232 sensors operate up to 1 kHz maximum available baud rate
  • Synchronized dual unit operation to support A/B ratiometry
  • State-of-the-art EnergyMax Sensor Technology

Coherent’s “Meterless” Technology

EnergyMax-RS “meterless” sensors contain miniaturized meter electronics and an RS-232 interface that are integrated within the sensor cable. Coherent’s entire range of high performance EnergyMax-RS sensors enable the measurement of the energy per pulse or average power of pulsed lasers from the nanojoule to the multi-joule level, over wavelengths from the deep ultraviolet through the far infared, and form single pulses to repetition rates of 1 kHz (with measurements of every pulse).

Additionally, stacking (of up to four) EnergyMax sensors enables all connected units to share both internal and external triggers for synchronized operation, for applications such as pulse-to-pulse “A/B” ratiometry.

EnergyMax-RS Sensor Model Accessory

EnergyMax-RS must be powered with a 5V DC input. This power must be supplied through an external power supply plugged into the external power input plug, or for embedded applications with custom circuit boards, this power can be supplied through Pin1 on the RS232 connector.

Many customers choose to use their own power supply to operate these sensors within their laser processing equipment, so we do not ship them with a power supply included. We do offer the following optional power supply accessory for those customers who wish to purchase the power supply from Coherent. The power supply ships with a power cord appropriate for the destination country.

  • 5VDC Output, Universal 85-265VAC Input, PSE, UL, TUV, CE certified Power supply (1105557)

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