Laser Beam Diagnostics
Laser Beam Diagnostics

Laser Beam Diagnostics

Camera and Knife-edge Laser Beam Profilers and Laser Beam Propagation Systems

Measure spatial intensity distribution, laser beam size, beam propagation, and provide a visual profile of the laser beam shape.

  • LaserCam-HR Family – Beam profilers for visible, ultraviolet, and near-IR wavelengths
  • BeamMaster-USB – Knife-Edge Based Beam Profilers small, continuous wave laser beams as small as 3 microns in diameter
  • ModeMaster PC M-Squared (M2) Beam Propagation Analyzer - For measuring M2 and other beam analysis functions for CW lasers.


  • Attenuators, Beamsplitters and UV Adapters - Typical attenuations are 1:1 to 400,000:1, but even larger are possible.
  • Extreme-UV Beam Intensity Profilers - Couple the input laser beam to any appropriate C-Mount camera.

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