Genesis Taipan
Genesis Taipan

Genesis Taipan-Series

Obtain rich, vibrant colors for your next lightshow with Coherent’s Genesis Taipan family of lasers. These lasers have the ability to deliver high output powers at unique wavelengths. With a wavelength range from 460 nm to 639 nm, Taipan lasers have the capability to satisfy all laser lightshow applications.

The OEM laser head design of Genesis Taipan-Series offers:

  • Compact, efficient design
  • Low-heat load for ease of integration
  • High power at unique wavelengths:
    • 1W and 2W at 460 nm
    • 2W at 480 nm
    • 3W, 5W and 8W at 532 nm
    • 3W and 5W at 577 nm
    • 1W at 639 nm
  • Sealed maintenance free design
  • Unmatched sharpness and contrast
  • Fast direction modulation
  • Deep customized system integration