Coherent Vitara CEP Stabilizer, Carrier Envelope Phase Stabilizer
Coherent Vitara CEP Stabilizer, Carrier Envelope Phase Stabilizer

Vitara-CEP Stabilizer

The Vitara CEP Stabilizer is a state-of-the art Carrier to Envelope Phase stabilizer accessory designed exclusively for Vitara-T.

By using two active feedback controls in the laser, Vitara-CEP locks the phase velocity of the oscillating electric field (carrier) to the group velocity of the light pulse (envelope).

Maintenance of this phase relationship is of paramount importance in experiments such as Above-Threshold ionization or generation of isolated attosecond pulses.


Vitara-CEP consists of CEP actuators incorporated in the Vitara-T, a quasi-collinear f-to-2f interferometer and a wide bandwidth electronics feedback loop. The interferometer uses a photonic crystal fiber to generate an octave-scanning optical spectrum. The red end of this spectrum is frequency-doubled and combined with the green end of this same broad spectrum. A fast photodetector senses the resultant beat fre­quency and after suitable processing, this signal is used to control the fast and slow actuators inside the Vitara-T, thereby controlling the carrier phase.