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Sapphire CDRH Controller

The Sapphire CDRH Controller provides controller and power supply in a wall plug-ready box, featuring a standby/laser ON switch and remote control options via Analog, RS-232 and USB interface. The CDRH Controller enables and simplifies stand-alone applications: it can operate, control and monitor all Sapphire laser heads. A Sapphire CDRH laser head and a Sapphire CDRH Controller when properly installed is CDRH-compliant.

Operate, Control and Monitor Sapphire Laser Heads

  • One-box wall plug Sapphire controller and power supply
  • Enables stand-alone applications (CDRH Compliant)
  • Standby/Laser ON key switch
  • Remote control option via analog, RS-232, or USB interface
  • Laser power adjustment and graphic display (optional)
  • Status LEDs