OBIS XT 349 and 360OBIS XT 349OBIS XT 360
OBIS XT 349 and 360



Compact UV Laser Platform for Life Sciences and Instrumentation

The OBIS XT UV lasers provide new DPSS laser sources for instrumentation with integrated control electronics for a minimal footprint. Compact optical set-ups benefit from low heat dissipation. Available in 360 nm and 349 nm with output powers in 20 mW, 60 mW and 100 mW, OBIS XT provides exceptional TEM00 beam quality and low noise to match the sophisticated requirements of modern life sciences instruments.

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The new and powerful OBIS XT DPSS laser both extends and complements the wavelength range of the successful OBIS LS/LX and Sapphire lasers into the UV. OBIS XT lasers come in the same industrial package to support powerful applications without the need to redesign your instrumentation and experimental setups.

The lasers’ compact size, integrated controller, and low heat dissipation save time and costs through easy integration. OEM and end-user configuration, as well as versatile interfacing with RS-232, RS-485, and USB provide exceptional flexibility and control.

With UV wavelengths of 360 nm and 349 nm, laser power of up to 100 mW, and industry-leading reliability, OBIS XT lasers will help you obtain the most from your application.



• Flow Cytometry
• Confocal Microscopy
• Genomics and Proteomics
• Semiconductor Inspection
• Metrology

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