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OBIS LX/LS Heat Sink

OBIS LX/LS Laser Heat Sink

Thermal Management for OBIS LX/LS Lasers

To simplify integration, the OBIS LX/LS accessories offer an OBIS Heat Sink with an integrated fan. The OBIS Heat Sink offers a convenient way to raise the laser beam height off the table and provide thermal management. The fan simply plugs into the back of the OBIS LX or OBIS LS laser to receive 12V DC power.

Heat Sink with Fan for Thermal Management

  • Convenient 69 mm (2.7 inch) beam height
  • Output beam centered on standard table bolt pattern
  • Universal mounting to imperial or metric bolt pattern
  • Proven stable performance over time and temperature
  • Laser can be mounted on top or side for horizontal polarization
Description Part Number
OBIS Heat Sink Mount with fan (includes hardware to mount to table) 1193289

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