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Photo of the Coherent EasyMark 5 desk-top laser marker

EasyMark - the 5th Generation

Turnkey, table-top, fiber laser-based marking system for metals and plastics

Fifth generation laser marker, now includes the option of simplified 3D engraving with unique Coherent APP Suite software

The EasyMark 5 is an easy to use, self-contained, table-top laser system for vector and grayscale marking and optional 3D engraving, as well as cutting. It can process a wide range of metals, plastics, rubber, wood and other organic materials. EasyMark is a Class I laser system, which features manual loading and unloading of parts. Applications include jewelry, machine tools, hand tools, medical devices, automotive parts, consumer products and packaging.

EasyMark 5 mates high precision mechanics, a choice of a high reliability fiber laser source (20W, 30W or 50W), and powerful software to deliver unmatched quality and consistency. It features a moving laser head and stationary part platform. This simplifies the design of tooling to hold the part during marking, and also speeds part loading and unloading during production. High quality galvanometer scanners, motion systems and mechanical components all ensure superior mark accuracy and consistency – a particularly important advantage when marking high-value components. Plus an integrated vision system allows the operator to see precisely where the mark will be placed before processing, as well as supporting optional 3D marking.

Easy to use software and a user-friendly GUI support both simple and sophisticated functionality, including “On-The-Fly” marking of parts with continuous feed, and a “Ring Marking Module” to mark the inner and/or outer surfaces of cylindrical parts.

The App Suite software package is a powerful option or upgrade for the EasyMark that simplifies and integrates all the steps involved in 3D marking, from CAD file import through to machine execution. This unique software is particularly suitable for the deep engraving of small series and single pieces, for the production of molds and stamps, jewelry, watches, and other luxury goods.

Features & Benefits

  • Large Workspace - Approx 300 L x 200 W x 120 H (mm)
  • Camera Assistance for Process Optimization
  • Easy Set-up and Easy to Use
  • Marking Assistant - Integrated database to assist marking application set-up
  • Laser Class I
  • Rotation Axis - Options allow marking of round parts

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