NA Series

Lasers in the NA series are single-shot drill lasers. They were developed to drill precise blind holes using a single pulse with an aspect ratio of up to 1:30. Their main application is the production of medical needles with a productivity rate of up to 5 needles per second.

Needle Drill System

Typical applications and markets

  • Drilling blind holes in surgical needles for medical technology
  • Drilling injection nozzles for the automotive industry

Features & Benefits

Technical features

  • Resonator amplifier design
  • Diffraction-limited beam quality
  • Unique pulse modulation
  • Highly precise optical components which are fixed to a granite plate
  • Laser supply based on the FLS laser series

Technical Specifications

  • Hole diameter: 50 - 800 µm
  • Drill depth max. 2.0 mm
  • Hole tolerances: >± 5 - 20 µm

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