Legend Elite Series
Legend Elite Series

Legend Elite Series

This family of Ti:Sapphire lasers has become the best selling ultrafast amplifiers currently on the market and sets the benchmark for stability and performance.

Ultrafast Ti:Sapphire Amplifier

The new Legend Elite HE+ family features an integrated Revolution pump laser and the thermally stabilized E-2 Engine regenerative amplifier platform in a single, compact footprint. This new family integrates all the breakthrough technology Coherent has developed in the last few years enabling us become a leader in both very high power (up to 16W) and Carrier to Envelope Phase (CEP) stabilized ultrafast kHz amplifiers.

At the heart of every model and mounted on a thermally stabilized baseplate is our E-2 Engine, the regenerative amplifier reliably offering unsurpassed energy, efficiency, and beam quality enabled by improvements in the cavity design, pumping configuration and optical components. The enhanced thermal management of the slab Ti:Sapphire rod allows a simple, robust water-cooled technology with a low cost of ownership for models up to 5W while higher levels of output power are enabled by an advanced thermo-electrical cooling scheme.

All Legend Elite Duo HE+ models employ an additional, single-pass power amplifier, also TE-cooled. The standard pump laser is a single, higher power Revolution. This design approach offers a combination of energy, efficiency and beam quality unmatched by competing amplifier systems. For power hungry applications, the addition of a second external Evolution pump laser enables select Legend Elite Duo HE+ models to provide output energy up to 13 mJ per pulse at 1 kHz.

The use of our latest technology, including CEP-grade components on all the Legend Elite HE+ and Duo HE+ models, ensures an exceptional mode quality as well a best-in-class energy and pointing stabilities (respectively <0.5% rms and <10 microrad rms) across the product line.

For applications where the shortest pulses are required, Coherent offers the unique sub 25 fs Legend Elite USX systems. The key to their performance is our proprietary BandMax technology. This enables the USX models to sustain an amplified bandwidth that provides the shortest, guaranteed pulse width from a commercial regenerative amplifier.

For applications requiring Carrier Envelope Phase stability, the Legend Elite USX (<25 fs) and USP (<35 fs) models are available with CEP stabilization, combining the benefits of regen design (unmatched mode quality, energy and pointing stability) with a world-class CEP performance. With pulse widths from <25 femtoseconds to the picosecond regime and with pulse energies up to >13 mJ (two pump lasers), there is always a Legend Elite version for your ultrafast amplifier application.

  • Single, integrated, Revolution pump laser enables pulse energy up to >8 mJ
  • Double Evolution pump laser configuration provides pulse energy up to >13 mJ at 1 kHz
  • Simple thermo-electric rod-cooling enables average power up to >16W at 5 kHz
  • E-2 Engine, advanced regenerative amplifier platform for unsurpassed performance and reliability
  • Thermally stabilized for long-term environmental stability
  • Ready for seeding with Vitara or Mira oscillators for maximum flexibility and stability



• Attosecond Spectroscopy
• Carrier Envelope Phase (CEP) Stabilization
• High Energy Physics
• Multidimensional Spectroscopy
• Surface SFG/SHG
• THz Spectroscopy
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