Dual Line Laser System
Dual Line Laser System

Dual Line c-Si Laser System

​Laser System for the Photovoltaics Industry

The Dual Line c-Si™ laser processing for applications as PERC processing, laser fired contact, selective emitter doping, metal wrap through cell (MWT) drilling and scribing of edge isolation/cutting of wafers. The Dual Line c-Si™ laser processing system has already been installed at multiple leading PV manufacturer’s facilities worldwide that are focused on solar cell efficiency gains and higher productivity with low production costs.

The core of the machine is a granite base to support high precision laser optics and rapid wafer handling units. Features are a standardized HMI software and a powerful PLC system allowing a throughput range of 1800 – 3600 wafers per hour.


  • Quality control system and sensors
  • MES host interface
  • OTF (on the fly processing)
    • Inline, cassette or coin stack handling for all common standards and degrees of automation