Cylindrical Diode
Cylindrical Diode

SureLock™ 405 nm Wavelength Stabilized Laser Diode

Coherent’s SureLock™ 405 nm, 12 mW, 25 mW, and 40 mW Wavelength Stabilized Laser Diodes are miniature lasers in a collimated, cylindrical package. All SureLock™ Series lasers are stabilized using the Coherent PowerLocker® Volume Holographic Grating, ensuring precise, ultra-stable center wavelengths, low temperature dependence, and consistent optical performance over the locked region.

405 nm Single Mode, Collimated

TO-Can Laser for Instrumentation

​Specification Summary

Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Output Power Po 12/25/40 mW
Center Wavelength1 LP 404.5 405 405.5 nm
405.5 406 406.5 nm
Linewidth Δλ 160 MHz
Central Stabilized Temperature Tc 15 25 35 °C
Stabilized Temperature Range Tr 10 14 °C

Table 1: SureLock™ Specifications

1Please specify wavelength at time of order

Operating Specifications

Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Threshold Current Ith 30 35 mA
Operating Current Iop 45/55/75 65/75/100 mA
Operating Voltage Vop 5.4 6.5 V
Laser Reverse Voltage Vrl 2 V
Collimated Beam Size (FWHM) QV 0.8 x 0.4 mm
Differential Efficiency DE (dP/dI) 0.6 0.8 1 mW/mA
Operating Temperature2 Top 0 50 °C
Storage Temperature2 Ts -10 60 °C
Polarization 100:1
Polarization Orientation TE

Table 2: SureLock™ Operating Specifications

All specifications are at rated power with a case temperature of 25°C unless otherwise noted



Raman Spectroscopy
Flow Cytometry
Printing & Embossing Tools
Confocal Microscopy
Data Storage
CD Mastering
Diffraction Grating Fabrication
Particle Counting
Nondestructive Testing

Features & Benefits

  • Standard TO package
  • Single frequency
  • Collimated TEMoo output
  • Test Data provided with every laser
  • Narrow-band ASE filters available

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