CleanLine™ ASE Filter and Laser Systems

Coherent’s CleanLine™ Series ASE Filter Systems are a family of tightly integrated, pre-aligned, multi-element ASE Filter Modules designed to provide the enhanced narrow band, low noise, ASE-free laser performance required for ultra-low-frequency (low wavenumber) THz-Raman® spectroscopy, and other demanding spectroscopy or metrology applications. Incorporating NoiseBlock™ ASE Suppression Filters and configured for fast, easy alignment and use with SureBlock™ XLF Series Raman Filter Systems, the CleanLine™ family is based on Coherent’s proprietary solid-state, ultra-narrow band Volume Holographic Filter technology, delivering unlimited lifetime, exceptional throughput, and ultra-stable environmental performance.

The CleanLine™ FS free-space filter system is an ultra-compact (3 inch or 75 mm) filter system with integrated alignment irises and a built-in wavelength fine-tuning adjustment. The CleanLine™ LM-FS incorporates a SureLock™ LM Series wavelength-stabilized laser module along with a CleanLine™ FS. And the CleanLine™ LM-FC includes an optical isolator and various fiber-coupling options – making the CleanLine™ easily configurable for turn-key integration into your experiment, instrumentation, or Raman spectroscopy system.

Available for standard wavelengths of 785 nm, 532 nm, and 405 nm. Custom wavelengths are available upon request.

ASE Filter Modules for Spectroscopy and Metrology


Specification 405 nm 532 nm1 785 nm Unit
ASE Suppression (below laser line), typical -80 -80 -80 db
Throughput1 (free space version), min/typical 55/60 65/70 70/75 % of incoming power
Temperature Stability 10 10 10 pm/°C

CleanLine™ FS Specifications

1CleanLine FS (free space) only. Throughput specifications do not include isolator or fiber coupled versions. Call for specifications on specific wavelengths or configurations.



• Raman Spectroscopy
• Metrology
• Spectroscopy

Features & Benefits

  • Exceptional ASE Suppression
  • Better than -80 db below laser line
  • Stable, ultra-narrowband performance
  • 0.1 nm bandwidth, Δλ =10 pm/°C

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