AVIA NX Family DPSS lasers


AVIA NX is a diode-pumped, solid-state, Q-switched laser offered at 532 nm and 355 nm. The AVIA NX family delivers the highest power on the market, in a small lightweight package. Available at several power levels from 20 W to 85 W, every model has the same footprint and electrical interface.


UV and Green Lasers

These fourth generation rugged lasers are built on the same proven technology platform used in earlier AVIA models. With AVIA NX, we took this industry leading workhorse technology and made it even better. These Gen 4 lasers are designed, built and tested to deliver maximum uptime. While the competition still uses legacy air purging to try and keep their optics clean, proprietary innovations in AVIA NX like our PureUV™ active laser cleaning engine mean the laser is truly sealed with an unmatched lifetime.

AVIA NX lasers are also smaller and easier to integrate. The bulky power supply/controller of the past is now completely eliminated; everything has been miniaturized and integrated inside the laser head. Yet the AVIA NX laser head can generate up to 55 W of UV at only ¼ the weight of similarly rated competitive heads, which still also require large external controllers. All the control and interface functions are reduced to a simple SoloBoard™ module that slides out for simple replacement or upgrade. And if you’re already using AVIA lasers, upgrade is very simple because AVIA NX is backwards compatible delivers exactly the same unmatched beam parameters as earlier models and uses common software commands.

The end result is lower cost of integration, lower cost of ownership and greater throughput in your process. Whether your tools are singulating PCBs, drilling vias, scribing photovoltaics or micromachining metals, AVIA NX lasers are better than ever and better than the competition.



• µ-via drilling
• Glass Cutting & Drilling
• Thin-film Scribing
• Ceramic Processing
• Flex PCB drilling & cutting
• IC Package singulation
• Silicon Wafer scribing
• Fine metal machining

Features & Benefits

AVIA UV Product Evolution, an 18-year learning curve

  • Common Platform Across Wavelengths with identical footprint, interface and beam parameters
  • Leading edge performance, highest reliability, highest power, and lowest cost of ownership
  • Rugged industrial platform designed and manufactured using HALT/HASS protocols
  • 355nm and 532nm version share similar dims and electrical interface
  • Can be integrated into customer tools with minimal changes

A common footprint & electrical interface makes integration easy.

AVIA NX Key Advantages:

  • Higher power than any competitive laser
  • Integrated laser head – eliminates separate controller
  • Compact size - 4X smaller than any similar laser
  • Ruggedized design - HALT/HASS proven for unmatched reliability
  • Modular head - field serviceability
  • Extended UV lifetime – proprietary PureUV™ technology
  • Simple GUI software
  • Three-point kinematic mounting
  • Long-lived and replaceable exterior window - for hard environments


Higher Power. In materials processing applications, throughput and productivity are ultimately determined by laser power. AVIA NX delivers the industry’s highest UV power – up to 40 watts – and the highest green power – up to 65 watts. And with the green AVIA NX, you even have the choice of high pulse energy or high repetition rate to perfectly match the power characteristics to your application.

Integrated Laser Head. With AVIA NX, there is no separate controller needed. Everything from the controller to the pump diodes is now integrated in a very compact laser head. This simplifies integration. And avoiding remote fiber coupled diodes also serves to eliminate possible failure points.


Compact Size. AVIA NX lasers are far more powerful than any competitor and feature a fully integrated laser head with no separate controller and cumbersome umbilical. Yet the laser head is much smaller than earlier AVIA lasers or any 40 W rated competitor, measuring only 83 mm x 192 mm x 536 mm.

Ruggedized Design. Coherent pioneered the introduction of rigorous HALT/HASS practices in the laser industry. We invested in a fully equipped HALT/HASS dedicated testing facility featuring a including a HALT/HASS vibrational and thermal testing chamber from Qualmark. Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) was used to evaluate and optimize the design of every AVIA NX model and its components. And we use Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) to find OBQ units at our facility not at yours.

Every single Coherent laser goes through HASS twice during its build

Three point kinematic mount

Modular Head. The AVIA NX features a modular design. For example, all the interfaces and control electronics are on a single SoloBoard™ electronics sled. This modular design enables field service in many instances. So if your AVIA NX ever needs service or upgrading, this modular design means the shortest possible downtime.

Extended UV lifetime. The lifetime of first generation DPSS lasers with UV or green output was often limited by optical damage to the harmonic crystals that are used to frequency double or triple the laser’s fundamental near-infrared output beam. Coherent has manufactured more ultraviolet industrial lasers than anyone else. And we know more about optics failure mechanisms in these lasers. So while some competitors still use an external “pump and filter” approach to try and purge these optics, AVIA NX all use our PureUV™ active laser cleaning engine. This means the laser is truly sealed with an unmatched lifetime.

Simple GUI Software. The AVIA NX control interface is a powerful, yet intuitive PC-based GUI. All control of the laser is conveniently located on virtual buttons and pull down menus/tabs. All data on the laser is logged in a data logger that tool builders and users can access to monitor operating conditions and performance of the system. This data, which stores more than two (2) years’ worth of information, may be accessed remotely through the Ethernet port that is standard on AVIA NX. The control interface also includes RS-232, USB.

Three-point kinematic mounting. The new standard mounting interface on AVIA NX lasers is three-point kinematic mount, which is dramatically superior to traditional flat plate mounting schemes. The laser is thermally isolated from the rest of the laser tool, thus ensuring stable operation within a broad thermal cycle range (10°C to 30°C) inside a laser tool. Additionally, warm up time is minimized in the AVIA NX due to this thermal isolation (<15 min from standby; <45 min from cold start). Lastly, laser placement repeatability is maximized with the three-point mount. This means minimal downstream beam train alignment is required when swapping lasers.

Three point kinematic mount

Long-lived and replaceable exterior window. In harsh manufacturing settings, material may build up on the window during normal operation. That’s why the exterior output window is mounted on a magnetic rotatable mount that provides six segments for optimal laser performance. In older laser designs, surface build up can require frequent window replacement in dirty applications. But in AVIA NX, the output window can simply be rotated to a fresh spot, taking only seconds to regain power lost due to window deposits.

HALT Designed – HASS Certified

AVIA NX lasers deliver unmatched reliability. A major factor in their superior reliability is Coherent’s pioneering use of HALT/HASS methodology, long proven in other manufacturing sectors - such as consumer electronics, automotive and aerospace - to drive product reliability to new levels.

Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) protocol starts during the Alpha prototype phase of development to validate the design. HALT is intentionally extreme – it determines the conditions that make the laser fail. Based on these failure analysis results, design improvements are made throughout the development cycle to ensure the laser can withstand the harshest shipping and use environments that the laser may see. HALT testing includes rigorous vibration tests and temperature tests at the component, as well as the system level. But HALT only works well if it’s iterative and relentless, which is why all of these tests are performed at Coherent’s own on-site HALT/HASS facility. For example, HALT testing on the shutter assembly alone meant the AVIA NX mechanism was tested to 10 million cycles, and the water manifold in the laser was tested to three times the operational pressure the laser would typically see.

Once the laser enters production, Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) is employed to validate manufacturing and check each laser. This is generally a lower level of stress than the HALT test, and is used to identify any possible workmanship or component weakness introduced in the manufacturing of the individual lasers. Part of the HASS test for AVIA NX simulates a 3000 mile shipment on a flatbed truck. This rigorous screening helps ensure a high level of robustness and dependability, and avoids out-of-box failures.

Three point kinematic mount

Three point kinematic mount

Coherent is the only laser company with its own dedicated environmental test chamber.

HALT during the design phase:

  • Temperature and vibration tests on components, assemblies and systems
  • 12 hour tests constant random vibration and broad temperature swings
  • Component re-design based on results

HASS for Beta and production units:

  • Captures OBQ units at the factory not at the customer site!
  • HASS chamber test simulates 3000 mile ride in flatbed truck
  • Dramatically improves out of box quality

Every single unit goes through 100% testing in production

Legacy AVIA Product
Replacement Product
AVIA 355-350 /AVIA 355-500
AVIA Ultra 355-1000 /AVIA Ultra 355-2000
AVIA 355-1500 / AVIA 355-1800 AVIA 355-3000 / AVIA 355-4500 AVIA 355-7000 / AVIA 355-X
AVIA 266-1500 / AVIA 266-3000 AVIA 266-3
None at this time
AVIA 355-7 / AVIA 355-10 AVIA 355-14
MATRIX or AVIA NX 355-20
AVIA 355-20 / AVIA 355-23 AVIA NX 355-20 / AVIA NX 355-40
AVIA 355-28 / AVIA 355-33 AVIA NX 355-40
AVIA 532 all power levels AVIA NX 532-36 or AVIA 532-65 HPE

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