Name LaserCheck
Sensor Type Silicon Cell
Aperture (mm) 8
Wavelength Range (nm) 400 to 1064
Accuracy (±%) 8
Max. CW Power 10 mW
Max. CW Power (with built-in attenuator) 1W
Min. CW Power 3-10 µW (wavelength dependent)
Min. Power Resolution 0.01 µW
Displayed Power Ranges 9.99 µW to 999 mW
Max. Power Density 0.5W/cm2
Max. Power Density (with built-in attenuator) 30 W/cm2
Measurement Display 3-digit LCD with power unit indicator
Display Power Indicators µW, mW
Display Hold Time 10 sec.
Battery Life 1,000 hr.
Size 168 x 24 x 20 mm (6.61 x 0.95 x 0.79 in.)
Weight 44g (1.55 oz.)
RoHS Compliant Yes
Part Number 1098293