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Coherent Offers Design and Volume Production of OEM Fiber Assemblies

Santa Clara, CA, June 24, 2019 – For nearly a decade, Coherent has designed and fabricated custom fiber assemblies in high volume for its internal use, as well as for a few, select OEMs. Now, those same production capabilities are being offered to the broader commercial market, with a particular emphasis on medical device and life science equipment OEMs. These capabilities can be put to use for fiber-optic probes for OCT (optical coherence tomography) and other non-invasive 3D medical imaging modalities, as well as high power fiber connector assemblies for surgical and dermatological procedures (including lithotripsy, BPH treatment, laser lipolysis, endovenous laser ablation, and skin rejuvenation).

Coherent uses vertically-integrated processes to manufacture optical fibers and fiber assemblies, with extensive in-house expertise in both designing fiber preforms and drawing optical fiber, as well as optomechanical design and metrology. Specific capabilities include the design and fabrication of fiber optic probes for spectroscopy, medical probes for imaging (with fiber connectorization), fiber distal tip optics for custom imaging systems, and beam shaping and beam delivery optics for illumination and light therapy. Metrology capabilities include testing a variety of optical, mechanical and environmental characteristics, such as insertion loss and return loss, tensile strength, and beam profile. Coherent-Salem is an FDA registered, ISO13485 certified, high volume manufacturing site.

“While Coherent is probably not widely known as a fiber assembly provider, in fact, we have a long and successful track record as a major supplier to OEMs, with the capacity to produce thousands of units per week,” notes Andy Held, Vice President/General Manager of Coherent-Salem. “Particularly in the area of medical products and life sciences, we have the demonstrated ability to consistently deliver high quality, precision assemblies while meeting stringent lead-time and price constraints.”

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