Pandemic Updates

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information


Dear Customers,

In reaction to the global COVID-19 outbreak, our Global Supply Chain organization has taken measures to assess the impact on our ability to continue to provide the products and services our clients require. Included in the assessment is the direct impact to our suppliers with China-based manufacturing, tier 2 supply base in China, and the impact of inbound and outbound logistics. In recent weeks, we have expanded the assessment to include sites in EMEA and North America.

We have yet to be officially notified of any specific supply delays and we have daily calls with our key suppliers to ensure we manage this carefully.

Additionally, we have a business continuity plan for every location around the globe to help mitigate supply issues. Part of this plan includes steps we have already taken to minimize the impact to our employees and our operations during this pandemic.

As of today, some manufacturing in California, Connecticut and Scotland, as well as service in the 7 Bay Area counties are impacted by the shelter in place mandate or similar local instruction. Additionally, service in Italy, France, Spain, Indonesia and the Wuhan area of China have limited ability to help customers due to government rules prohibiting movement of personnel for non-essential industries. Service for essential industries will continue with accommodations made for health safety and social distancing. For some situations, we are able to help with remote service capability.

Should anything change that might impact our supply to you, we will reach out to you directly. We will continue to monitor this situation as it remains fluid and will provide updates as we gain clarity.

Thank you and be assured that we are actively managing this challenging situation.

Best regards,
Coherent Global Operations