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Coherent has been supplying laser solutions for medical device manufacturing for more than three decades. Our machines include traditional lasers, as well as the latest fiber and ultrashort pulse laser technologies, all optimized for the very specific needs of the medical device industry.

We invest heavily in long-lasting collaborative partnerships with our customers as well as leading research institutes. In our application labs we carefully evaluate literally hundreds of new applications each year. Coherent is also a truly global operating company, an essential requirement to fully support today’s medical device manufacturers using distributed manufacturing concepts. We operate production, sales and service sites strategically located all over the world.

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Laser Systems for Welding, Cutting, and Marking

Whether you need a laser, laser sub-system, or a complete manufacturing machine, you can depend on Coherent for precision, quality, process development, and exceptional after-the-sale support. Coherent brings decades of experience, technical innovation, and support commitment to deliver the optimum solution to your medical device manufacturing challenges.

Laser Welding

High Strength Connection of Delicate Components

Laser Cutting

Cutting Widths Below 20 µm

Laser Marking

Biocompatible and Durable



StarCut Tube